“I just love how frumpy I look in these baggy chinos. “

“I always wear this floral shirt on first dates because I look twenty pounds heavier.”

“It’s amazing how many compliments I get on my favorite fifteen year old suit AND I love that it gets shinier with every wear.”

“I really have to get another pair of these faux leather loafers that gape and squeak every time I take a step.”

Said no man. Ever.

The male species is a vain one. They might deny it, but they would be lying. They care. Yes, they really do—even when they say they don’t.

But perhaps men sometimes come across as if they don’t care because they simply can’t find clothes that fit, feel good and flatter their figures. And really, how many men love to shop? Golf anyone?

If you want to be a well-dressed man, look good, feel good and get noticed for all the right reasons, then you need custom threads, as in bespoke.

It’s not a novel concept. It’s how gentlemen once dressed, wherein clothing is tailored to an individual’s exact expectations.

Look to the past (Henry–circa 1939). A wealthy titan of industry? No, a young man eager to challenge life and impress a few gals along the way. Check out his pocket square, crisp white shirt and perfectly knotted tie. He’s dressed to impress. And who can find fault with that?

Be part of the best-dressed squad.

That’s our challenge for you this season….Papa