Each and every piece of our clothing is designed, sewn, assembled and shipped with care in the U.S.A.

In an effort to reduce the excessive use of packaging, we have chosen to ship your clothes in a flat box. Upon opening and unpacking, please remove the all plastic and tissue; promptly hang your garments so that they might unfold and breathe. We have made every effort to minimize wrinkling, but it may be necessary to send your clothing out for minor pressing.

Please find your complimentary pair of elevee dress socks in the inside pocket of your suit/sport coat. If you chose an outer breast pocket, please note that the inside lining can be pulled out and used as a pocket square.

We recommend suits and sport coats are dry-cleaned twice per season. Spot clean and press after wearing if necessary. Launder your dress shirts regularly and as needed.

Avoid placing sharp objects in your pockets or weighing them down with unnecessary bulk. Regularly inspect buttons and zippers and have seams and buttons reinforced if threads are loose.

Properly taken care of, bespoke clothing lasts for years, so please enjoy what was personally created just for you.