Q: What does bespoke mean? Is it the same as made-to-measure?

A: Bespoke means ‘clothing made to order’. Made-to-measure options for men’s suiting are available through many high-end brands. As of late, more and more brands are offering this option. However, there is a significant difference between what these brands offer and the true bespoke experience élevée offers.

At élevée, art and math converge…

During a wardrobe consultation, an élevée stylist precisely records a client’s measurements. Fit and style detail requests are also noted and entered into a proprietary computer program. From these measurements, a unique, hand-cut paper pattern is created. It is from this pattern that a garment is carefully hand-cut, assembled and stitched.

At this stage of the of the bespoke process, a temporarily hand-stitched garment is available for request, allowing the stylist to drape the garment on a client’s body and adjust according to a client’s desired silhouette. It is this crucial step that separates a true bespoke garment from a made-to-measure garment. If a stylist has been practicing for years and understands how to correctly measure a gentleman’s body, the hand-basted step can be eliminated and the clothing can be constructed directly from the unique paper pattern.

The first time an article of clothing is made for an élevée client, it follows the above steps and is sent out for a preliminary fitting with an élevée stylist. Adjustments and alterations are made, if necessary, to perfect the fit. Over the years, as bodies metamorphasize, pattern changes are often necessary. Technology allows modification of a pattern at any time. All of a client’s measurement information is electronically stored, making it very easy for them to order anything at a moment’s notice, from anywhere in the world.

This is truly bespoke…