If your days are spent on the beach, you go barefoot.

If not, you wear something on your feet. Footwear is a crucial element of clothing. And if you are fashion conscious, you favor a form that best befits your clothing choice for the day.

There are some basic rules for what shoe to wear and when, but ultimately, what YOU choose depends on what YOU want to wear and what fashion statement YOU want to make.

Who hasn’t seen pictures of the groom who sports a pair of Converse sneakers with a tuxedo? And what about the celebrity chef who wears orange Crocs and washes them in the top rack of the dishwasher to clean them (yes, it works!). We know an orthopedic surgeon who lives in his FRYE boots—wearing them even when he operates (love it Tom!).

If bare feet and loafers are more your thing, that’s your fashion statement. Own it!

P.S. élevée designs and sells all aspects of a men’s wardrobe, including what you wear down there.